We design interactive dashboards holding stunning data visualisations. No more static slide decks, or complex Excel-based management reports. We deliver real-time updates on all your metrics around HR, recruitment, employee performance and so much more. Available anywhere on any device.

Excel and a capable data analyst can do a lot. We all know these typical headcount reports that are shared with executives on a monthly basis. But imagine what insights HR could bring if HR data is combined with data out of sales, operations, finance, etc. and presented in stunning dashboards. That’s where HR really aligns with the business strategy has a great story to tell.

We design PowerBI content for HR & Talent leaders to make them improve their businesses. We deliver:

  • HR Dashboards Our data designers and PowerBI experts create smashing dashboards & infographics.
  • Custom Visuals We design custom visuals to use in you BI-platform of choice to present your data in the relevant context.
  • Statistical Analyses For advanced analytics purposes we offer R-coding skills.
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Data Integrations

Our integration and connectivity experts connect whatever tool you use for HR and other business processes. We build custom integrations, design smart middleware and look after maintenance. Also, we have a set of out-of-the-box connectors available for the most commonly used HR platforms.

Our connectivity developers do not only know their way around an API and how to build smart integrations. They also understand HR administrations and know what it takes to integrate users, payroll data, learning history, recruitment portals, etc. We do more then simply build and deploy; we look after hosting, maintenance and continuous improvement of data integrations as well.

To make your software solutions talk to each other and cut out manual data-entry work we deliver:

  • Integration Design Together with your HR process owners we create a solid solution design and data flow.
  • Technical Solution This is where code comes in. The actual integration script that pushes or pulls just those required fields from one platform to another.
  • Integration Hosting  We look after hosting, do active monitoring of the integration to make sure it runs smoothly.
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Feedback Surveys

Feedback from applicants and employees is a valuable driver for HR to change, improve and understand what drives employees. We support customers with automated feedback solutions that work. Both automatic sending of surveys as well as insights through a custom feedback dashboard are taken care of.

Management needs to understand the health of their company culture and how employees and applicants perceive the organization. We build smart feedback processes for HR leaders to automatically run pulse surveys and collect insights through intuitive feedback dashboards.

Our applicant & employee feedback offering includes:

  • Automated Surveys We design an automated process to trigger surveys to applicants, hiring managers & employees asking then about their experience.
  • Notifications We set up automated notifications for stakeholders to be updated about outlying cases that need attention like very low scores, very high scores, specific comments, etc.
  • Feedback Dashboard Automatically fed by the survey results are collected in a real-time feedback dashboard
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Data Migrations

When your team is moving to a new HR platform it is vital to take historical data and to not disconnect reporting processes in place. Also, there is no better time to improve data quality then when migrating to a new system. We run smart data migration projects in complex domains like payroll, CoreHR and finance.

When your team moves to a new system in most cases historical data needs to be taken along for reporting and look-up purposes. A successful migration needs flawless data mapping, cleaning and import runs. We have tackled to most complex payroll and HR data migrations out there.

Data tasks that we are particularly good at:

  • Data Cleaning A migration is the perfect time to look at data quality and clean-up the dataset that is being loaded in the new system.
  • Data Transformations  Moving platforms almost always needs different formats, field labels, etc. Our HR data specialists know how to map out even the most complex data sets.
  • Data Loading:  Once transformed data needs to be prepared for loading. For almost all systems out there we know what formats work best.
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