Design & Select

Think before you act. HR should be about the employees and their needs. Before a solution is introduced it is vital to define scalable processes, capture user stories and select a software solution that fully supports your goals as well as your culture.

We deliver highly specialised consulting for teams that aim to introduce truly people-driven HR & talent management services.

Software is really just a tool to enable this transformation. Building a new HR-function with lasting impact requires:

  • HR Process Analyses: Well described, smart and user-friendly HR processes
  • User Stories and Solution Selection Effectively compare software products and select the solution that really fits your business
  • Programme Management Management of complex tech-driven HR projects that impact domains like finance & ERP.
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Implement & Integrate

Start small, think big, act fast. Our projects aim to deliver a working software prototype within days. Our implementation specialists blend together with experts of your organisation to ensure fast feedback loops and continuously improve.

We run agile HR implementation projects and integrate your solution with other applications your organisation has in place.

To deliver a working prototype as fast as possible and a go live within a matter of weeks your HR project needs:

  • Software Configuration Expertise We have a team of highly specialised HR implementation consultants holding certifications for several HR solutions
  • Integration Expertise To make processes and data flow, your new HR platform should be integrated properly in your current IT-landscape.
  • Training and Change Management We engage your users by training both end-users and system administrators and designing products like explainer video’s, tutorials and user manuals.
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Support & Improve

Support & Improve Own it after go-live. Going live with a new HR platform is just the beginning. To get the best out of your HR investment and achieve full adoption you need excellent user support, flexible processing of change requests and new releases.

In software, like in e-commerce, one bad customer service experience can make you swear off a product forever. Good customer service however makes you a fan. HR should respond to customer support requests, questions and feedback quickly.

To aim for maximum user satisfaction and keep your platform aligned with your HR business processes you need:

  • Incident Management – HR helpdesk No need to have system admins on site. We offer remote system support delivered by specialised implementation consultants.
  • Change Management Where processes change, software needs to continuously be aligned. We process feedback and change requests.
  • Release Management HR SaaS vendors typically push new releases every month or so. We make sure new releases are configured, tested and explained.
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Analyse & Report

Let the data tell the story. HR has a tremendous opportunity to help the company make better people-decisions. By bringing data together, running smart analyses and powerful data visualisations HR has a great story to tell.

HR can bring strategic perspective on the topic that is most important to the organisation; it’s people. We help create data-driven teams and deliver hands-on expertise around data modelling, data visualisation, or data migration.

To get the best out of available HR data your team needs:

  • HR Dashboards We design dashboards and visualisations that truly impact your business leadership.
  • Custom Reports With the expertise of the software platform you use we are able to design the custom reports and scheduled e-mail notifications that your stakeholders expect.
  • Data Cleaning & Migration Reporting with impact starts with clean and structured data. We clean-up and move HR data sets using smart data quality logic.
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