What if HR Analytics is a big step… In the wrong direction?

For all of us HR professionals it’s simply impossible to deny the buzz around People Analytics and all the new data frontiers promised to the HR profession. We see teams honing data skills rapidly and the HR Analytics software offering is growing at a striking pace.

All great for sure, but what if the employee data we work with suffers from poor quality? What insights do we bring to boardrooms when the data at our disposal is just not good enough? Is the magnificent amount of data HR has their hands on ‘fit for use’ in the first place? And if not, how do we fix this?

Poor quality of our people data eventually results in loss of confidence by the business we all support, and can be cause for embarrassment of the organisation as a whole. At the same time we can all guess how data quality takes sever hits when introducing employee self-services, when data is exchanged between systems and when our organisations upgrade to new software platforms.

So, before we fully get our heads down, dive into the data sets and unveil astonishing people insights to the people we advise, we need our employee data to be of solid quality. Simply meaning; consistent, complete, free of duplications, misspellings, unnecessary variations and, preferably, in a structure we can work with.

Now, how do we get there without harassing our teams with complex data cleansing projects nobody wants you ask? After dealing with the issue of poor data quality numerous times when visualising HR data for our customers, my team just recently developed a simple, but highly effective Data Quality Scanner©. Our product instantly identifies the holes in your team’s data sets and points out inconsistencies, errors and missing elements in no time. No matter how extensive your data set is and whether you struggle with a Core HR data set, an Applicant Tracking System with low data quality, or payroll data that needs a serious clean-up; you define your own data quality rules and have our algorithms scan the data set of choice.

What do you get; an instant data quality score per team, per operating unit, etc. and an appealing list of the elements that need fixing. Also, the HR Data Quality Scanner© allows you to set data quality targets to engage your audience and have local HR professionals work together and make data management a fun game, instead of a topic to avoid. And the appealing part; always available online and on a native app. No more heavy spreadsheets!

Collaborate with in-country teams to boost the quality of your people data. With high quality people data in place, go all-in on HR Analytics and Predictive models. You will impact your business. Impact justified by sound data….

Reach out to me if you want more information.

Jochem ter Steege


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